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BQ Construction Showcase : Shaybah Oil Field

Shaybah Oil Field is a major crude oil producing sitelocated approximately 40 km from the northern edge of the Rub' Al-Khali. Shaybah was developed by ISaudi Aramco during the 1990s for the purposes of exploiting the Shaybah oilfield. All materials for the establishment and construction of Shaybah were transported the 800 kilometres from Dhahran to Shaybah by road.

Shaybah has housing facilities for 1,000 men, administrative offices, an air-strip, a fire station, recreation areas, maintenance and support workshops, and power stations for generation and distribution. There is a 650-kilometer fibre optic cable linking Shaybah to the main radio system at Abqaiq.

In addition to power generation, BQ Construction provided pipe construction work for the pipeline project, while BQ Rental provided multiplecranes and various other heavy equipment./p>